BOX OFFICE: “Spider-Man” hits the low end of expectations, as does “The Mule” –“Mortal Engines” is DOA

box2There’s a new Dec. animated movie opening record at the U.S. box office, and it belongs to “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.” Or “Spiderverse.”

It had been widely predicted to open over $40 million by Variety,, Box Office Mojo, et al., especially after a healthy (not record breaking) Thursday night.

But the early week projections were the right ones. I’d been hearing $35, and $35 it was. $35.4.

But here’s the thing. “Spider-Man” pre-“opened LAST weekend, and earned $1.9 million. That was added to this “weekend” taken. It opened Thursday night, as I said. So.

“Sing!” held the previous record — $35.2. Anybody remember that one? Fondly?

“The Mule” is Clint Eastwood’s latest — perhaps last — leading man/director effort. It barely cleared expectations — $17.2 million. Maybe it’ll have legs. It takes his audience a while to find his movies.

Conversely, NOBODY wanted anything to do with “Mortal Engines.” Maybe the window for Peter Jackson adapting the early 2000s novels of Phillip Reeve passed while Peter J.  was trapped in Tolkienland.

The $100 million Young Adult sci-fi fantasy did a whopping $7.5 million on its opening weekend. Bombs away.

“Once Upon a Deadpool” was a cute “extra feature” for the DVD release that was not worth putting into theaters. Most every review worth reading said so. It did $2.6 million. No interest in this cute PG-13/”Princess Bride” idea. At all.


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2 Responses to BOX OFFICE: “Spider-Man” hits the low end of expectations, as does “The Mule” –“Mortal Engines” is DOA

  1. Roger, “The Mule” did not “hit the low end of expectations.” It “barley cleared expectations” which means it exceeded them.

    • Yeah, the predictions were as high as $17 (until Friday night, when some pitched it as making $18+). Then it tailed off to hit exactly what marketing projections had said.

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