BOX OFFICE: “Ralph” still the king, but falls off, “Grinch” passes slumping “Creed II”

boxoffice3The weekend after Thanksgiving is something of a lost weekend for Hollywood.

The only new release to open wide was a no-budget horror flop (“The Possession of Hannah Grace”) that won’t clear $6 million, despite having the phrase “new this weekend” all to itself.

“Ralph Breaks the Internet” took a somewhat steep 55% drop this first of December, and will only manage $25 million, still enough to easily win a slack stretch of moviegoing. It’s not great, word of mouth can’t be dazzling (non-Net Savvy kids won’t get the jokes), so it won’t have the legs of its predecessor.

You can say the same about “Creed II,” which is more middling “Rocky” movie recycling. the novelty of having an attractive young African American cast take over the story has worn off as “Creed II” is dropping 53%+ on its second weekend — from the $35 it took last weekend (it opened on a Wed. and made $69 over the five days) down to $16 or so.

That allows Universal’s “The Grinch” to edge it for second place, $16.4+.

“Fantastic Beasts” fell off a cliff, “Bohemian Rhapsody” did not.

And “Green Book” held audience and can cling to hope that it will make its money during awards season. It’s hanging around the top ten and is climbing out of the teens and could hit $20 by next Friday.


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