Box Office: “Panther” keeps packing them in, “Red Sparrow” underwhelms, “Death Wish” fizzles

box1“Black Panther” is only losing about half its audience, weekend to weekend, and that is pushing the Marvel marvel further up the record books in terms of all-time box office hits. It will clear another $60 million or so, when all the cash is tallied Sunday night, and will pass the $500 million mark at the US box office Monday afternoon.

Almost as impressive, “Jumanji” and “The Greatest Showman,” CHRISTMAS movies, are still pulling in people. “Jumanji” will clear the $400 million mark by next weekend, and “Showman” — a musical Hollywood probably wishes it had embraced with more Oscar love (Sunday night on ABC!) — is inching towards $175.

New releases? “Red Sparrow” tests the idea of Jennifer Lawrence as a highly-sexualized leading lady, an adult expected to open her star vehicle with no YA “Hunger Games” franchise to back it up. Mixed, barely passable reviews for the Russian sex-spy picture aren’t doing her any favors. The Oscar winner’s much-hyped debut nude will not hit $20 million.

Then there’s “Death Wish,” a poorly-acted, poorly-written, badly-directed and ill-timed celebration of gun nuttery — a remake NOBODY asked for, that critics are trashing across the board as “toxic.” A movie made by a–holes for a–holes.  Yeah, I sat through it with a paying audience, so I know. It‘s doing $12 million.

“Every Day” is still in the top ten for another week, barely reaching those teen girls who’d drag teen boys along with them for a gooey but thoughtful high school romantic fantasy. 


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