Movie Review: Defile a tribal grave, rile the “Skinwalker”

“Skinwalker” is a too-talkative walking-corpse of a Western horror tale from the auteur who churned out “Eminence Hill” and “The Covenant.”

A couple of horseless cowboys (Nathaniel Burns and director Robert Conway) stumble across a Native American grave. The one with the “Duck Dynasty” beard (Burns) takes a death totem from the grave. And all sorts of living dead revenge is unleashed.

Desperados and lawmen and Mormons pay the price for this desecration.

The sets suffice, in a bare bones of the day way, and nothing interesting is done with the Arizona locations of this sleepwalk of a movie.

The acting’s pretty stiff, the violence is ugly enough, and right on the edge of random. The totem and its first “victim” take separate paths and lead whoever each encounters into the grave, thanks to the shapeshifting (not really) “Skinwalker.”

But that talking, all the anachronisms mixed with pale-imitation-of-“True Grit” dialogue and portentous speechifying.

“She can feign a grace and composure of the prim and proper. But she’s the SERPENT.” And this was but a drop of her venom!”

Dang, Marshal. Where’d you learn to talk so purty?

There’s gunslinger moralizing at Mormon “plural marriage.”

“You got a problem with the way you live our lives, outlaw?”

Eva Hamilton (“Ruin Me”) plays the saucy consort of an outlaw. No sense trying to reason with “the Serpent.”

“Blow it out your backside, Marshal!”

Of course, all that fine talk is no substitute for pacing. This corpse is dead on its feet.

Cast: Eva Hamilton, Cameron Kotecki, Amelia Haberman, Nathaniel Burns

Credits: Scripted and directed by Robert Conway. An Uncork’d release.

Running time: 1:34

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