Disney Rips off Sci Fi writer. Why won’t they pay up?

One bit of bookkeeping seems to have evaded the Hollywood devouring Mouse when it swallowed 20th Century Fox.

There were these Fox franchises Disney took over the rights to. Those franchises, two of them any way, had led to books — novelizations of “Star Wars” and “Alien” installments. Those books still sell. And Disney has refused to pay royalties to sci fi writer Alan Dean Foster, who wrote many of those novels.

Writers in this genre guard their rights, authorship credits and royalties with the ferocity of the late Harlan Ellison. Foster and the sci fi writers guild are outing the Mouse for ripping him off. Lawyers are involved.

This has been Disney”s brand for decades. The biggest studio, one of the world’s largest and most viable corporations, and they always cheap out on talent. Always.

They’ve gotten Congress to give them exceptions to copyright laws so that they can “protect” Mickey and other “properties” “to infinity and beyond.” But others are denied those protections whenever the Mouse deems it to be in their best interest.

Being big, they’re a lawsuit magnet. You think they’d know better than this. The optics are awful. But every now and then they go as far as flat out ripping somebody off and we read about it when lawyers get involved.

Read on.

#DisneyMustPay Alan Dean Foster

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