Netflixable? Chilean “Mujeres Arriba” discover the difference between “sex” and “good sex”

Here’s a tepid little “Sex in the Chilean City” that has the odd amusing moment, thanks to a game cast that’s better than the lame script.

Mujeres Arriba (Women on Top)” is built around sexually frustrated Teresa, “Saint Teresita” as her boyfriend calls her.

That would be the same boyfriend she’s bought sexy lingerie for to try and spice up their two year romance, the same beau Teresa (Loretto Bernal, who co-wrote the script) walks in on as he’s sexing up a younger woman.

Pobrecita Teresita!

Luckily, she has two pals to confide in.

But Maida (Natalia Valdebenito) has been married, with kids, long enough for the spark to gone out of her and Ignacio’s sex life, a spark snuffed out by exhaustion and responsibility.

“Getting ‘hot’ at this point is a job!”

And Consuelo (Alison Mandel) is finally about to marry. But Manuel doesn’t do it for her in bed, no matter how much puppy-dog whining she does to beg him to up his game.

Mierda! Where can a single 30 year-old woman turn when her friends’ best advice is “Have a one-night-stand,” (in Spanish, with English subtitles). “For us! Please!”

That would be sex therapist (Consuelo Holzapfel), whose advice is why Teresa takes up with not one but TWO hunks, one of them her new boss.

“Your boss saw your ‘HOT face?'”

The film is a shiny, silly sex farce where the “walk of shame” the morning after a hook-up becomes a dance, where scaring off Mr. Right is a form of foreplay and where every single move every single character makes is pre-ordained, predestined and damned predictable.

Starting with who Teresa walks in on in the opening scenes.

The coitus is more cute than “hot” or “funny.”

Valdebenito is the stand-out in the cast, a “Samantha” for you who follow the “Sex and the City” analogy. The funniest bits are Mandel’s spot-on puppy dog whine.

The rest? Despierta, chicas!


MPAA Rating: TV-MA, sex, sex and more sex

Cast: Loretto Bernal, Natalia Valdebenito, Alison Mandel and Consuelo Holzapfel

Credits: Directed by Andre Feddersen, script by Loretto Bernal, Andres Feddersen. A Netflix release.

Running time: 1:38


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