WEEKEND MOVIES: Old Broads rule as “Madea” makes her exit, “Greta” grabs an audience, “A Star is Born” returns and “Green Book” takes a victory lap

greta1“How to Train Your Dragon 3” will still sit atop the top of the box office heap on this its second weekend. The only curiosity about that fact is how much audience will the kiddie cartoon lose on its second weekend? Box Office Mojo figures it’ll clear $32, which would be a healthy if not robust 40-42% fall off. So we’ll see.’

It will have  more animated competition as Sony brings back the Oscar winning “Into the Spider-verse” to see if there’s an Oscar bounce in the blurry holiday season blockbuster.

That, and a “Lego Movie” sequel and the partially animated “Alita: Battle Angel,” means animation fans young and old will have a choice or two this weekend.

“The Favourite,” with an Oscar win for Olivia Colman, killing off Glenn Close’s best shot at the big prize — maybe her last shot — will add hundreds of screens and return to a multi-plex near you.

Lady Gaga’s “Shallow” Oscar win and engaging performance with Bradley Cooper at the Oscars means that “A Star is Born” is returning to theaters, another blockbuster looking for extra cash in what has been a seriously downbeat box office 2019. There’s new footage here, more Gaga, Warners says. Fans take note.

And Best Picture winner “Green Book” will remain in the Top Ten for another week or two, until “Captain Marvel” devours all NEXT weekend, anyway.

Newcomers? Tyler Perry is taking off the dress and wig and makeup and body padding after “A Madea Family Funeral.” It could exit with $22 million, as his franchise may be out of ideas, but has a lot of residual good will. A couple of funny films in that series, a lot of “Hire a JOKE writer ya cheapskate!” releases that Perry could not be talked into workshopping until they were worthy of release.

Maybe get Jordan Peele could take a look, offer a little feedback? He did wonders for that spoiled ingrate Spike Lee.

That’s one thing a more diverse Hollywood could rectify. With Peele and others gaining clout, a critical mass of decision makers who aren’t shy about telling a talented filmmaker who can’t get out of her or his own way “Sport, this needs WORK” should be entering the picture.  Do white execs shy away from engaging or engaging with Spike Lee when his script is a little off?  I’ve long thought Lee needed that kind of pushback, and I see evidence that he got it making “BlackKklansman.” Perry could use it, too. An African American producer with clout could work wonders on the raw material Perry puts out there, and tell Spike Lee “You can do better” without fear of getting called the name Spike likes to throw around a bit too cavalierly.

Then again, nobody has ever been able to tell Woody Allen anything, and it’s not like he wasn’t surrounded by an army of just-as-Jewish producers capable of giving him feedback that would have canceled half the movies he’s made in the past 15 years. So maybe not.

The other “old broad” at the cinema this weekend is Isabelle Huppert, who gives Chloe Grace Moretz all she can handle as “Greta.” Huppert, a star since the ’70s, hopefully regaled young Ms. Moretz with tales of life on the set of “Heaven’s Gate.”

“Greta” could scare up about $5 million at the box office.

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