Preview, Civil War and the Old West on a budget? “Any Bullet Will Do”

Writer/director Justin Lee must have a rich daddy. Or Sugar Daddy. State film commission incentive money. Something.

He’s getting a lot of low-budget features into theaters, Bigfoot horror, Western, wilderness pictures usually. And while I am down with his settings and subject matter, I’m mystified at how A) pictures this bad get made and released and B) how he’s not getting better. “Big Legend,” middling, not quite awful, “A Reckoning,” irredeemably bad.

“Any Bullet Will Do,” his vengeance Western, is Lee’s third release of the summer. Costco package deal or something?

As always, I dig the look, the setting. And there’s a good line in the trailer of this brother-hunting-brother (“Winchester ’73”?) tale.

Wake up the rest’a the boys. We got MURDERIN’ to do.”

“Any Bullet Will Do” finds limited release Sept. 4.

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