BOX OFFICE: “Meg” chomps the whole box office pie,”Slender Man” and “BlackKklansman” get the scraps


The hype — a “Sharknado/Shark Week” marketing campaign and funnier-than-the-movie trailer led to a big Thursday and very big Friday for “The Meg.” 

Warner Brothers had tamped down expectations, and this China-centric, Chinese financed late summer groaner should have made its money overseas. As indeed it is.

But it’s making bank in North America as well, $40 million, is now projecting. That’s not quite double opening weekend guesses about its earnings.

And in China? $16 million on day one. 

Jason Statham, have a cigar!

“Mission: Impossible — Fallout” is in second, still expected to clear $150 by Sunday night ($19 million for the weekend), “Christopher Robin” is falling off 61% to $12.

“Slender Man” is now looking like a $10 million-sized “hit,” low for a horror opening, but considering it’s not a franchise, not bad.

That’s right around what “BlackKklansman” is earning on half as many screens.


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