Next Screening, at long last, “The Meg”

Probably not as funny as the trailers suggest, and considering the budget is in the $150 million range, “funny” isn’t all they were going for to begin with.

A late summer popcorn pic is always an iffy gamble, but “Guardians” and “Signs” opened at about this time of this month, and made a mint.

Love the Brit, Chinese, Kiwi, Icelandic plus Rainn, Page Kennedy and Ruby Rose cover-all-the-bases casting. The “check box” diversity is a bit obvious on paper, but as we’ve seen in the “Star Wars” movies, its what you give everybody to do and how good they are at  it that counts. Hope of “Rogue One,” in other words, not those other ones.

And Jason Statham seems to be in on the joke these days, which is a blessing. The embargo on reviews for this picture, which I dare say is screening for critics and select fans EVERYwhere tonight, is 7pm EDT Wed.

Stay tuned for further developments.

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