Preview, Orlando Bloom’s still acting? “S.M.A.R.T.,” a heist thriller from China

Google Orlando’s Bloom’s name these past few years, and you’d get an eyeful of naked paddle boarding shots, notices of who he’s dating and a countdown clock for “how long it lasts.”

Katy Perry, Kate Bosworth, Penelope Cruz, Selena Gomez (!?) and Miranda Kerr, whom he married and divorced. Among many others.

Oh, and you’ll also see this week’s nude video of him catching a spider.

Truthfully, if you or I had $35 million left in our “LOTR/Hobbit/Pirates” money, well, isn’t that what we’d all be doing?

I watch 500+ movies a year, and I have missed most of the scanty selection of performances he’s offered outside of the online tabloids. “Haven” I rather liked, him playing a broke and dissolute version of himself in the Bahamas. The “broke” part required acting.

Then this trailer pops up, Chinese market (English language) thrills, looks like they spent some money. They re-titled it for international release. Used to be “The Shanghai Job.”

Who’d he “date” over there, one wonders?


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