Most interesting Product Placement in “Pacific Rim: Uprising?”


Apparently, in the future, getting your hands on good hot sauce is like having cigarettes in prison. The currency of the day. Even in Chinese future “Pacific Rim” films imagine and embrace.

Would never have recognized the stuff, as I avoid it. But the taste-buds-torched girlfriend has like a two year’s supply stocked up in the house.

No doubt a hoard stockpiled for the Chinese and kaiju takeover of global cuisine. “Pacific Rim: Uprising” was merely a warning. 

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2 Responses to Most interesting Product Placement in “Pacific Rim: Uprising?”

  1. Muhammad Nathoo says:

    Roger, I think you just convinced me to see this film. I’m not a fan Chinese-pandering in Hollywood, but I am a fan of Frank’s RedHot.

    I hope this kicks off a hot sauce cinematic universe with standalone films for Tabasco and Louisiana in the near future.

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