Netflixable? Oh Canada, NEVER title your teen comedy “Go Fish”


  “Go Fish” is a limp little Canadian comedy about a once-rich girl going through a rough summer at the lake.

Only not really. As anybody remotely interested in cinema, anyone with any familiarity with “Queer Cinema” knows, that’s the title of a no-budget, ground-breaking classic of the genre, a genial, funny and touching lesbian romance from back in 1994, when such stories weren’t told in public and such films (this one was black and white) were rare.

No doubt the makers of “Go Fish,” which feels as if it was intended for Canadian TV, discovered that and shrugged it off. “You can’t copyright titles,” as everybody knows. What’s the harm? Heck, they could’ve titled it “To Have and Have Not” if they’d been so bold.

Gillian Wetherald plays Erica, the heroine and omni-present narrator of the Canadian “Fish.” She lives in a camping trailer by the lake because her Mom died, her Dad (Blair Anderson) went to pieces and lost his job, their house was re-possessed and they even lost the fancy lake “cottage” they used to own.

Still, they’ve got the trailer. And Erica has — or had — a paddleboat to get around the lake, to catch up with her boyfriend Max (Rocky Keller) at the marina. “Had” a paddleboat because Dad had to sell the unicorn-bowed boat to the same opportunists who bought their lake house at auction. Which means her nemesis, prissy one-time pal Marcy (Shaina Silver-Baird) has it.

And as Bush I — or was it The Dude? — said, “This aggression will not stand!”

Erica drags Max into her plots to retrieve the boat, sink it or otherwise destroy it.

“Tonight it’ll be more than marshmallows getting roasted!”

Canadian revenge is best served hot.

Truthfully, this is a terrible movie that is barely even worth reviewing but for the effrontery of its title. Nobody comes off well, the laughs don’t land and the guy they cast as college-age teen Marcy’s beau (Kris Hagen) looks like he might have moved to Canada to dodge the Vietnam War draft. Yeah, that’s an age joke.


MPAA Rating: unrated, pretty darned clean

Cast: Gillian Wetherald, Rocky Keller, Shaina Silver-Baird, Blair Anderson, Kris Hagen

Credits: Written and directed by, Kate DrummondBrett Heard. An Incubator Studio  release.

Running time: 1:14


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