Next screening(s), a marathon Thursday beginning with “Death of Stalin,” ending with “Hurricane Heist”

The Death of Stalin opens in some cities Friday, in Orlando (at the Enzian) Mar. 23 and expanding Mar. 30.

Steve Buscemi as Kruschev, Michael Palin, the folks who made “In the Loop.” We could use a few laughs at Russia’s expense. Considering the joke they’ve played on us.

Nostalgia” is a multi-actor/actress “mosaic” of characters and how they relate to the people, places and things of their past. Jon Hamm is the biggest name in it, nostalgic for the days when “Mad Men” put him at the top of every movie maker’s short list. Indie icon Catherine Keener (“Get Out”) also stars.

Very curious to see “Gringo,” which “previews” (opens early) tonight, a comic piece that its studio didn’t choose to preview. STX occasionally previews its films, Disney showed “A Wrinkle in Time” and it didn’t earn anything remotely like universal acclaim. The other three movies opening wide tonight did not DARE screen their films — even the one starring Charlize, Amanda, Joel, David Oyelowo and Sharlto.


After that, it being a Thursday with three films opening wide that were not previewed, I figure I’ll get to “The Hurricane Heist,” which smells like a “storm” of a different type.

Entertainment Studios, a start-up owned by the major theater chains, somehow figured cheap effects C-list cast action pictures directed by Rob Cohen, who hasn’t had a hit since the first “Fast and Furious” film, was something the “major” studios weren’t filling their theaters with. Their real agenda appears to be in the politically charged history “Chappaquiddick,” that arch conservative nostalgia for ancient Democratic scandals that keeps Fox News on the air. At least one of those two should bring in an audience that doesn’t go to the movies any more.

There’s an audience for “The Strangers: Prey at Night” sequel, and another “Mad Men” refugee (Christina Hendricks) as its star. But I don’t know if I’ll get to it tonight. Maybe some other time.

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  1. Ruthless Goat says:

    The Death of Stalin is magnificent. The acting is top notch. I finished my review yesterday. I can’t wait to see it again. Regards, Goat from Ruthless Reviews.

  2. Leslie says:

    Where is it playing in South Florida?

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