Weekend Movies: A bunch of weak films, and “Frank” and “Trip to Italy” open this weekend

You knew the third time would reveal “The Expendables” had passed their expiration date. So did Stallone, who brings in a lot of fresh meat to go with his geezers. Banderas steals a rather weak actioner. Poor reviews for “Expendables 3.”

“The Giver” took Jeff Bridges 18 years to get on the screen. If it had come out ten years ago, he’d have beaten all the Teens-Save-the-Future Films that preceded it (“Hunger Games,””Ender’s Game,””Divergent” et al) and maybe had something here. Lovely looking, smart, well directed and acted. But blah. Been there, seen that. The reviews reflect that.

“Life After Beth” is a zombie film that didn’t have to be.

“The Trip to Italy” is a comic improvisational delight. Coogan and Brydon reverse the order of things a bit in this one. Coogan is more relaxed and amusing, Brydon the needier one. Funny.

“Frank” is enjoying all the hype, with a band, Michael Fassbender in a gigantic head and Maggie Gyllenhaal at her most brittle. Dark and fun.

“Dinosaur 13” is a reminder that being Native American does not confer righteousness, especially when it comes to handshake deals over dino bones found on property one has a claim to. A bit one-sided (the dino hunters are mercenaries, too), but an interesting documentary.



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