Documentary Preview: Film fans/Welles Fans, Don’t miss “The Blinding of Isaac Woodard” on “American Experience” on PBS

I caught the second half of this Monday night and realized that is missed the best part, so I tracked it down on I recommend you do the same.

It’s about an awful crime and an American tragedy, a Black South Carolina WWII veteran, in uniform, m yanked off a bus and blinded by a goon sheriff named Lynwood Shull in Batesburg, SC.

It became a landmark case in the unraveling of the Jim Crow South, one worth recalling as Southern Republicans race to revive it with restrictions to voting rights all across the region.

But film buffs, like me, will also be fascinated by the role Orson Welles, a titan of radio in the mid 1940s, played in stirring the national conscience against this Southern evil.

The radio broadcasts he did, generously sampled on this doc, are electrifying. Go to and watch this if you missed it.

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