Streamable? Disney’s “The LEGO ‘Star Wars’ Holiday Special”

Here’s a laugh we didn’t know we needed right now, a light LEGO lampooning of “Star Wars,” just in time for the holidays.

All those jokes you share with your friends when watching the various trilogies in this over-saturated “universe,” “A New Hope” through “The Mandalorian?” They’re stuffed into “The LEGO ‘Star Wars’ Holiday Special.”

How would Darth Vader react to his first gaze upon the wonder of Baby Yoda?


Master Yoda’s comeback, if Luke Skywalker gives him backtalk about the Jedi credo, “Do or do not, there is no try?”

“ParTICipation trophies for Jedi, there are not!”

The Emperor’s patience is always ALWAYS wearing thin.

“Less talky talky, more FIGHTY FIGHTY!”

Jedi Rey (Helen Sadler) can’t seem to get the hang of training Finn. So she takes off for an ancient temple where she and BB8 acquire a key to…”Star Trek’s” “City on the Edge of Forever” time portal. They don’t call it that, but hey, if the portal fits.

She will bounce through the saga, from Yoda’s training of Luke to Qui-Gon Jinn’s training of Obi Wan to Obi Wan’s training of Anakin, taking notes.

Only, because it’s time travel, things get messier by the minute. How many Vaders, Lukes and Darth Maul’s can one 47 minute “special” squeeze in?

She’s got to accomplish all this before a big Life Day holiday party with Chewbacca’s family. Yes, they’ve booked the cantina band. Yes, only one member remains. Don’t ask. And yes, Yoda becomes “The Ghost of Christmas Past” because of course he does.

The overarching theme of the recent trilogy, that individualism is fine, but we’re stronger together, is underlined. And the emperor’s insistence on naming his planet destroyers gets on Vader’s nerves.

“It’s just that ‘Death Star II feels--kind of derivative!”

The animation’s digital LEGO sharp, the effects decent facsimiles of “the real thing” and no, that’s never what matters in Lego send-ups. Some of the voice acting substitutes are as lame as all the “holiday of friendship, of family and of CONNECTION” definitions of Life Day.

It doesn’t really take off until Rey does. Still, for any fan, all these riffs on classic scenes and goofs on the repetitive, formulaic nature of it all, will sting just enough to be funny.

MPA Rating: G.

Cast: The voices of Helen Sadler, Trevor Devall, Matt Sloan, Tom Kane, and Anthony Daniels, Billy Dee Williams and Kelly Marie Tran.

Credits: Directed by Ken Cunningham, script by David Shayne. A Disney+ release.

Running time: :47

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