BOX OFFICE bust? “LEGO” underwhelms, “What Men Want” under-performs

LEGOConsider this — the “second” “Lego” movie isn’t the second one at all. “Lego” has licensed plenty of direct-to-video titles using their toys, and there was that “Ninjago” thing and “Lego Batman.”

So “The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part,” even if it isn’t as giddy as the first big screen Warner Animation Lego film, is a part of a franchise that’s over-exposed.

That helps explain how “The Second Part” is not reaching its projected $50 million opening weekend. is now saying that $33 million is more in line with where it will end up by midnight Sunday.

“Lego Batman” did $53, opening in early Feb., “Lego Movie” did over $60.

Even taking into account Deadline’s notorious underestimation of Saturday  takes on kiddie movies, (maybe $40 is within reach), it’s still falling short. And others are projecting even lower — $31.

As I said, they’ve over-exposed and Warners and Lego have watered

down the brand.

Taraji P. Henson is having a hard time in star vehicles built around her. “What Men Want” is a winner, a better picture than “Proud Mary” and a genre that more suits her talents. It’s managing $18-19 million, per Deadline. Not as much as one might have hoped.

wantIt could have a nice long run if it holds audience next weekend, but $25 would have been more in line with what this picture should have produced.

As I said earlier this week, I think Paramount Players/BET left money on the table by suppressing reviews until the day of release. It’s not bad, the laughs land and she plays the hell out of her part. Funny.  Marketing let Taraji down.

“Cold Pursuit” doesn’t seem to have suffered inordinately from Liam Neeson’s confession of dark, racist thoughts 40 years ago — a $10 million weekend. It might have reached $12-14, but a Summit/Lionsgate non-franchise thriller? $10 is all you could hope for.

“Green Book” is starting to get possible “Best Picture” legs, with its re-release pushing it well into the top ten and staying there.

“Miss Bala” is plunging, number 10 with a bullet. Pointed downward.



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