Next Screening? “Beautifully Broken”

The major (and minor) Hollywood studios tend to dump movies onto the last two weekends in August, films that have limited box office prospects, damaged goods that their research tells them audiences won’t care to see, word of mouth won’t help and critical acclaim won’t save.

“Searching” appears to be the exception to this rule this late August, a cyber thriller/missing daughter story starring John Cho. Previewed in a few markets, good reviews, thus far. Screen Gems is “previewing” it tonight where I live AFTER the first paid showings of everything else.

“Happy Time Murders” was not previewed widely either. STX is trotting out releases, but is barely a studio at this point. Throwing stuff against the wall.

“Papillon?” It’s Bleecker Street. Even if it’s good they can’t market people into wanting to see it.

The mechanical dog movie, “A.X.L.”? Not previewed anywhere. Global Road is, I think, a Chinese-financed distributor. Mostly crap.

It’s no wonder the theater chains are financing their own productions, which they can promote the heck out of and hope, every now and then, one connects with viewers.

“Beautifully Broken” is making its way into Regal Cinemas this weekend, not previewed or reviewed, a faith-based drama of families in crisis, one of them caught in a bloody African civil war. Eric Roberts is the big name in the cast, so it didn’t cost much.

A cleverly calculated risk that perhaps pastors in the pulpit will push and make it a hit.

As Hollywood is doing them no favors dumping dogs into the Dog Days, I’ll put off seeing the pics Hollywood chose not to preview here and check this out instead.

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