Disney’s “Christopher Robin”

Disney has an embargo of reviews of “Christopher Robin,” starring Ewen McGregor and a bear “with a very small brain” and a thing for honey.

It’s 7pm Pacific time Thursday, after the movie has opened in the East.

But it’s not as if they haven’t screened it for critics, which is always a dead giveaway. We saw it earlier in the week.

So make what you will of that.

There’s no confusing it for this earlier version of the same sort of tale. But I’ll wait and see how long the embargo holds to post a review.

In any case, I posted this in case you were wondering why there were no reviews up yet. Fox’s “The Darkest Minds?” Well, that’s previewing tonight (Wed.), the night before it opens. And Fox’s embargo is at MIDNIGHT.

Make what you will of that, as well. The idea is “They can’t say we DIDN’T screen the movie for critics,” when in essence, their (Disney’s, especially) embargo has the same effect.

I call this “Embargo Abuse,” as the first “Christopher Robin” showing where I live is at 600 Eastern Daylight Time, Thursday. So nobody going to see it will have reviews to peruse before buying a ticket, thus neutralizing the “consumer advice” part of the movie reviewing profession.

Somebody who does what I do is going to say “To hell with that” tonight or Thursday and publish and roll her or his eyes at this nonsensical “You can’t review the movie until we’ve made all our money on it.”

UPDATED: My review of “Christopher Robin” is here. 

The folks who made “The Spy Who Dumped Me” aren’t previewing that in many markets, but the reviews that are out?

It is August, and what do we generally say about August (not ALL August) movies?


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