Preview, “The Spy Who Dumped Me” pairs Mila, McKinnon in an August action spoof

Mila Kunis is the half of that Mila/Ashton couple that still has a big screen career.

Kate McKinnon? She’s the star, the glue who holds “Saturday Night Live” together.” Lots of shots at movies, this one is the first that makes her a co-star and expects her to help carry it.

Mila plays a woman whose beau (Justin Theroux) is apparently a spy. That gets the wrong sorts of folks interested in her and her BFF (McKinnon) as they flee across Europe.

Check out the “Americans don’t know how to drive a stick shift any more” scene. It’s a winner.

The movie? August release, lowered expectations because it’s a LATE summer comedy. But it could hit. Got to be better than Kate the Ghostbuster, right?


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