Decent reviews for “Alien: Covenant,” great reviews for “Wakefield,” “Everything” and “Wimpy” panned

wimp3There’s plenty of pushback at the latest iteration of “Alien,” a movie that reaches for something deeper and forgets to provide surprises or frights. But most reviewers are endorsing it. The children.

It could earn over $40 million, though I’d be surprised. Box Office Mojo wouldn’t.  Their prediction is that this latest entry in a long-running sci-fi horror franchise will beat “Guardians Vol. 2.” Box Office Guru is more in line with my hunch, that “Alien” will do $32 million or so and lose the weekend to “Guardians.”

The other wide releases this weekend won’t put a dent in “Guardians of the Galaxy,” the bomb “King Arthur,” the under-performing “Snatched” and the fading “Fate of the Furious.”

“Everything, Everything” has built-in teen girl appeal, if there still is such a thing. It could blow up, weak reviews be damned. Because you never know. It works well enough, right up to the point where it lost me, anyway.  Mixed to negative Mixed to negative reviews, overall.

 $10 million seems like a low prediction, but in this wired age, “the hit YA novel” doesn’t mean as much, without vampires. “Fault in Their Stars” being the exception. Box Office Mojo posits that it’ll be lucky to clear $8.  I have to figure this’ll do $15-18.

The latest “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” is a road trip comedy, “The Long Haul.” Recast, funny in bits and pieces, tween-poop gag friendly. Poor reviews won’t help, but kids’ movies are critic proof. They have earned as much as $22 million upon opening. This one? Lucky to clear $8. 

“Wakefield” is the best new release, opening  opening in one theater, a real tour de force for Bryan Cranston. As if he needed another.

Kind of surprised “Lowriders” didn’t grab a lot more screens, considering how it made out in just a few hundred last weekend.


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