Box Office: “Alien” busts out of “Guardians,” “Wimpy” bombs

boxA good news/not-so-good-news weekend for Rupert Murdoch’s Fox Studios.

“Alien: Convenant” is opening big — not huge, but safely near the high end of expectations, probably giving it a win at the box office over the long-released “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.” is projecting, based on late Thursday and all-day Friday sales, that “Covenant” will lure in 3 million or so ticket buyers, good for a $39 million opening. The best guesses for it had the film coming in at $42, the worst $32 or so.

Conversely, the “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” version of “National Lampoon’s Vacation” reboot — new cast, no middle school hijinks — is tanking. It may clear $7 million, which suggests it won’t earn back its meager budget.

“Everything, Everything” isn’t setting teen girls’ hearts’ aflutter, either. The new WB release is riding weak reviews (not nearly as bad as Wimpy’s) to an $11 million plus weekend.

Saturday is the telling day, so if anything shifts due to word of mouth, these numbers could rise or fall. But that’s close to what we’ll see as the final tally Sunday night.

“Guardians 2” adds another $33 million, which puts it over $300 million by midnight Sunday. The Mexican-American car culture saga “Lowriders” added just 70 screens and sits just outside of the top ten. A big weekend for Demien Bichir (He’s also in “Alien”).

“Snatched” added screens and held onto almost 50% of its opening weekend audience, “King Arthur” drops 63% which won’t change its “bomb of the summer” status. Fate of the Furious” looks to hit about $225 before it loses most of its screens, “Boss Baby” will top out at $175, and “Beauty and the Beast” will hit $500 million by NEXT Friday. Wow.


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