Will “Guardians 2” open over $160?

guardians2We know it’s going to own May, maybe a chunk of June, depending on the pent-up “Let’s see if an alien actually pops out of somebody’s chest in ‘Alien’ this time” demand.

“Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” is going to open huge — epic. The first was such a delight that the second can’t help but surpass it, right? Even if it is somewhat of a dispirited grind, still full of laughs, but not “giddy” the way the first film was. I watched a bit of FX’s helpful re-broadcast of it the other day to confirm what I thought in my review — that the new movie’s slow and downbeat and Pratt lost a lot of bounce from his step between films.

Box Office Mojo figures there are $158 million worth of tickets about to be bought for this Marvel Megahit this Cinco de Mayo weekend.

Box Office Mojo predicts $152 million.  As the film is opening on over 4300 screens, and it is in 3D on many of them, I wonder if they’re lowballing it. The first film was so adored, it earned over $17 million in Thursday night showings, surely there’s a $165 million weekend in it.

Meanwhile, speaking of Cinco de Mayo, this promises to be another big weekend for Eugenio Derbez’s limp little Hollywood comedy, “How to be a Latin Lover.” Aren’t Hispanic audiences a little bummed that it’s almost entirely in English, and a lot of the guy’s manic Mexican edge is rubbed off? Another $7 million for this one should put it over $20 million. It could actually challenge “Fate of the Furious” for second place ( anther $7-9 million expected).

The biggest worldwide hit ever produced by India, the action-fantasy sequel “Baahubali 2: The Conclusion,” should remain in the top ten even if it is still only on 400 or so screens.

“Furious” should clear the $200 million mark by dawn Saturday.



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