Preview: “The Dark Tower,” a late summer smash or a dog dumped in August?

August used to be home to movies that weren’t quite muscular enough to hold their own against prime summer cinema competition.

Then “Signs” came along. And “Guardians of the Galaxy.” Blockbusters can break out of August as easily as most any other month, especially the films rolled out in the first weekend or two.

Stephen King’s batting average on the big screen isn’t exactly big league ready. “Shawshank,” “Shining,” “Stand By Me” and a lot of forgettable horror filler. But “The Dark Tower” is his most anticipated adaptation in eons. EONS.

That said, not having read the book, I’m not overwhelmed by this trailer or the set up depicted here. Kid swept into a world he’s only imagined, protected by gun-slinging Idris Elba from death-and-desctruction-dealing Matthew McConaughey.

Director isn’t a Major Brand. And…August.

Still, there’s enough here to keep your fingers crossed. Aug. 4.

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