Today’s screening: “Cantinflas”

Pantelion Films is the Spanish language arm of Lionsgate, best known for distributing “Casa de Mi Padre, Will Ferrell’s Mexican vamp. With “Cantinflas,” they’ve picked up a bio-pic of the Mexican Charlie Chaplin, the great comic of the 1940s-60s best known in most of the world, for one role — Paspartout in “Around the World in ’80 Days.” That film came out 60 years ago, and much of America’s Hispanic population is not Mexican-American, so this wasn’t a no-brainer of a bio pic. Who remembers him?

Pantelion dropped the ball in pre-screening it. Or maybe they’re hiding it. But audiences are finding this limited release, and I’m headed to one of two area theaters showing it this AM to check it out.


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