Box Office: “If I Stay” battles “Guardians” for #1, “When the Game Stands Tall” bests “Sin City 2”

boxThe professional box office prognosticators figured the girl-friendly YA novel adaptation “If I Stay” would open well, north of $20 million at least. And that “Sin City: A Dame to Kill For” was too far removed from the original film would be lucky to clear $15.

I figured, based on the web traffic to my reviews, that “Sin City” had higher interest than that. Of course, the fact that my review, like most, was lukewarm, may have impacted a weak weaker weakest Friday for the new Robert Rodriguez film. It may not reach $10 million.

That puts it behind an under-performing “If I Stay,” ($18/19 or so) a fading “Ninja Turtles,” and…”Guardians of the Galaxy,” finally back in first after trailing those mutant teen ninjas for a few weeks. “If I Stay,” according to fan tracking, is doing a better job of pleasing its faithful. Not a bad movie, nothing epic either. Maybe $19?

Perhaps it will rally, but “Sin City” looks to lose to the middling faith-based football drama “When the Game Stands Tall,” which has that church-based marketing thing going for it and should sell $10 million worth of tickets. It’s the only new release to actually meet expectations this weekend.


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