Best paid actresses: Bullock, J. Lawrence, Aniston and… Paltrow?

gravityForbes is out with its annual “How much Hollywood folks earn” stories, a summer “expose” which they don’t bother to carry over into other areas that might offend their “capitalist tool” readership. “Richest secret campaign donors”? You never see that, for instance. Hollywood “overpaid” folks turn up in another summer read, along with best paid actors, but the “over-compensated CEOs of failing companies” pieces — while not unheard of, are rare.

So Sandra Bullock is back on top of the pay mountain, earning $51 million from “Gravity” and “The Heat” and side deals. Angelina Jolie fell from first to fifth, where she and the always-employable Cameron Diaz reside.

Fresh-faced Oscar-winning up-and-comer Jennifer Lawrence earned over $34 million, with Jennifer Aniston making most of her money off TV endorsements these days.

That also explains Gwyneth Paltrow’s prominent place on the list. She is a brand, and she markets that brand well, even if she doesn’t do nearly as many movies as she used to. “Iron Man” was enough to secure that brand’s profile, and all the lifestyle, beauty endorsements, cooking stuff? Just gravy.

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