Box Office: “Fault/Stars” HUGE, “Maleficent” rolls, “Edge of Tomorrow” way back

ImageWhat George Lucas once said about girls — something along the lines of “If you figure out what 12 year old girls will like, you’re set for life” — is true in spades this weekend. It’s an estrogen-owned box office, with last week’s leader, “Maleficent” holding onto over $30 million in audience.

And “The Fault in Our Stars,” a tragic teen romance starring new “It” girl for for under 20s, Shailene “Divergent” Woodley,” is opening so big she could just about bail out of “Divergent” sequels.

The low end, based on a big Thursday night and theaters crowded with teen girls off for the summer on Friday, is $48 million by midnight Sunday. The high end could be low $50s.

Word of mouth won’t hurt it. While my review was one of the more negative ones, the things that will grate on adults won’t be an issue to teenagers. And as I’m a big Shailene Woodley fan (interviewed her too many times — including for “Divergent” — to do another one for this film), Vaya con suerte, sister. Cash those checks. Glad to see her hit it big.

“Edge of Tomorrow” is giving Tom Cruise the best reviews he’s had for a new film outside of a “Mission: Impossible” picture. The jokey tone of a sci-fi time travel piece in which he is killed — dozens of times — works. Not a performance that stands out, but the picture works. And it’ll do $30 million. Tops. Half of what the “chick picture” will do.

“Million Ways to Die in the West” will end up with “Blended” bucks — maybe slightly more — $36 million total after this weekend, maybe $45 or so when it finishes its run.

“Chef” continues to hang around the Top Ten, and clears the $10 million mark by Sunday night, predicts. It is this summer’s “Best Exotic Marigold Hotel,” a feel-good picture that grownups and seniors can embrace. VERY slow going for this one, though, I must say. I would have figured, with the added theaters, this thing would be doing $7-10 million a weekend. No, not yet. It may not have the oomph to do $40-50, the way movies hitting this demographic have performed in the past.

Favreau ought to keep doing press for it, helping it build.


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