Box Office: “Noah” floats to $44 million opening, Schwarzenegger sinks to $5

A good per-screen average, decent reviews and a 3D release (in some theaters) helped Darren Aronosky’s “Noah” open at a surprisingly robust $44 million. Predictions were in the $30s.

“Divergent” held more audience than I could have guessed. Tween and teenage girls aren’t swayed by critics, and it only lost 50% of its opening weekend take. Over $26.

“Mr. Peabody” is closing in on $100 million.

“God Isn’t Dead” added hundreds of screens, but lost some steam per screen even as it made about as much this weekend as last.

“Cesar Chavez” didn’t have the benefit of decent reviews, overall (I liked it) and didn’t crack the top ten. It could manage mid-$30s, $40 even before all is counted up when it has finished its runs.

“Sabotage” is the weakest Arnold Schwarzenegger opening ever — just over $5 million. It’s a dog, his audience has aged out of movie-going. He’s done.

“Grand Budapest”: is shaping up as a decent sized hit, but it almost doubled its screens and only saw a 30% spike in box office. So it’s probably spent and will end up taking in, overall, something around $35.


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