Box Office: “Best Man” and “Thor” are neck and neck

The Best Man Holiday

A VERY big Friday for “The Best Man Holiday,” which rode 14 years of goodwill, video-reviewings and the ensuing careers of a generally likeable and successful cast — Nia, Sanaa, Morris, Terrence, Taye, et al — to a $17 million Friday.

It could finish up with about $34 million for the weekend, and that is in the ballpark of “Thor 2,” which is also set to pull in mid-$30s. I, for one, saw this coming. This movie, sweet and sad and maudlin and melodramatic and sacred and profane, plays.

“About Time” has cracked the top ten and is doing better than I’d feared.

“12 Years a Slave” is sticking around, riding “Best picture of the year” acclaim to a solid showing.

“Gravity” looks to top out just north of $250, all-in.

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