Bye Bye Blockbuster

The ever-changing media consumption landscape lost 300 Blockbuster Video today, the last big video store chain.

The mom and pop “Be Kind, Rewind” stores mostly bought the farm years ago. Blockbuster held out, like the death-ratting big bookstore chains, shedding stores, fiddling with the offerings of food, video and games.

They were big spaces, for those who remember them. The selection sucked, but they employed a lot of people in those days pre-streaming. I haven’t been in a video store of any sort in five years. But I still rent videos — for free, from assorted libraries.

With Amazon, NEtflix, Hulu, et al., the world has changed and a brick and mortar neighborhood video store could not compete.

But Blockbuster fed, in its way, the “binge watching” fad that Netflix perfected. Selling or renting whole seasons of TV series, etc.

So long, Blockbuster.

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