Baz Luhrmann’s greatest hit, and great contribution to humanity? “Don’t Forget the Sunscreen”

I was chatting with a young blood/employee at the Florida marina where I live, and he started kvetching about his indifference to wearing Coppertone, Banana Boat or my choice in sunblock, Neutragena.

“Young blood,” says I. “Don’t forget the sunscreen.”

Young Blood asked Siri to play it, for I am an old salt, wise in the ways of the sea. And rays.

Yes, a generation or more has come up never hearing this Chicago columnist’s “graduation speech” turned into a 1999 pop hit by the director of “Moulin Rouge” and future director of “Elvis.”

It was fate that made me hear it and need it the first summer I went through on La Florida.

Mary Schmich wrote it. But Baz gave it a cultural moment via this slow jam.

This is the greatest public service our man Baz will ever perform. The damned thing ought to be played on every radio station, especially in the summer months (year round in Florida).

Never heard it? Here it is. Remember it? Share it with a young blood you know.

See “Elvis ” And don’t forget the sunscreen.

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