Box Office: Blumhouse Breaks the House with “Happy Death Day,” “Foreigner” loses Green Card

death2A big Thursday night and a huge Friday have pushed box office predictions for the “Groundhog Day With a Slasher” Blumhouse offering, “Happy Death Day.”

No name stars, a borrowed plot (“Before I Fall,” anyone?), not quite funny, not terribly scary, it’s still managing $26-28 million worth of business on its opening weekend. Universal horror LIVES. Via Blumhouse, anyway.

“Blade Runner 2049” is underwhelming in its efforts to hold onto audience or audience share, shirking nearly 60% in its second weekend — over $14 — but not by much.

The Jackie Chan version of a Liam Neeson thriller, “The Foreigner,” is doing OK — but not much better. Pierce Brosnan hasn’t had a picture open this big since “Mama Mia,” and Jackie? He sheds his light, funny persona for something more Schwarzeneggerish in this violent thriller tailored to the Chinese market. $12-13 million of Americans want to see the peaceful man of the East beat up unreformed, unrepentant IRA terrorists.

It’s already a smash hit in China. So we may never see another villain from the world’s largest one-party dictatorship. Pity.

“Marshall” cracked the Top Ten in limited release, “Professor Marston and the Wonder Women” should have a much better Saturday and might crack it (11th now).



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