Box Office: “Leap!” and “Birth of the Dragon” bomb, “Hitman” wins a desultory weekend

boxAny hopes that “Logan Lucky” would hold audience and saunter towards a break-even box office take are Gone with the Wind of Hurricane Harvey.

Or Hurricane Indifference, is more like it. “Lucky” might clear $4 million, but it will probably not reach $25 million, all in, by the end of its US box office run. Comically, cluelessly enthusiastic reviews for this Southern caricatures caper comedy were no help at all.

The new releases of the weekend — a limp cartoon from The Weinstein Co., “Leap!,” will clear $4 million, based on Friday’s numbers.

But “Birth of the Dragon,” a dreadful no-stars bio pic about Bruce Lee’s formative fight that seems tailored for the Chinese market, despite its focus on a white student of Lee’s, will not hit $3 million.

Warner Brothers shoved “Wonder Woman” onto a 1000 more screens to wring a little more out of the summer’s biggest hit, and failed to hit $500,000. Sony did the same thing for “Baby Driver,” but everybody who wants to see that has.

“All Saints,” a John Corbett faith-based bomb, is on a lot of screens and will manage $1.5 million.
“Hitman’s Bodyguard” pulled in another $10 million, “Annabelle” will be clear of $80 million by Monday, Tuesday at the latest. And “Wind River,” the best thriller of the summer, will clear $10 million by Monday night.



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