“20 Seconds to Live” — Horror shorts worth checking out, and funding

Have you seen the comically horrific “Alien Raiders” — you know, the one about a motley collection of folks trapped in a supermarket when the Aliens Attack?

You should.

How about “Killers” (Ashton K. and Katherine Heigl) or “The Air I Breathe?” Worth Netflixing, for sure.

The creators of the web horror/comedy series “20 Seconds to Live” directed and wrote those pictures, respectively.

And they’ve developed the knock for creating get-in/get-out horror jokes, short one-idea films with great production values and funny payoffs.

Here’s a sample of their first season’s work — a gag piece the length of a movie trailer.



They’re hunting for funding for season two, a worthy wagon to get on board, horror fans.

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