Tonight’s Screening: “47 Meters Down”

As Mandy Moore grew up in Orlando, learned her acting and musical chops here, and since her mom used to work at the newspaper where I used to work, I have interviewed her many times over the years.

She always saw her future, the post teen-pop starlet/child star years, as being rebooted by Broadway. She can sing, she can act, it seemed like a natural transition. She did “Nobody Loves You” off-Broadway a few years back.

But it was TV and “This is Us” that gave her a career second wind. And that’s why she’s got a movie coming out. A little deep sea horror, anyone? “47 Meters Down” pairs up a couple of divers and traps them in a shark cage.

Talk about claustrophobic. I don’t think Disney’s “Rapunzel” will be doing any singing, at that depth.




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