Box Office: “American Sniper” picks off “Paddington,” “Wedding Ringer” — and sets a record

boxofficeEvery NRA member must have gone. And a lot of conservative media outlets and websites have been all over Clint EAstwood’s somewhat controversial film (apparently a whitewashing of the real shooter), and the endorsements put meat in the seats, as we say. Maybe $75-80 $90 million by midnight Monday. That’s a January record. That’s set up to be Eastwood’s biggest hit...maybe ever.

“Paddington,” with its great reviews, is set to edge “Wedding Ringer.” Both are in the $24 million range.

“Selma” going wider on MLK weekend didn’t pay off, as the lack of Oscar buzz hurt the box office take. They also gave away thousands and thousands of tickets to schoolkids in much of the country. In any event, $11-13 million, unless there’s a huge Monday turnout.

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2 Responses to Box Office: “American Sniper” picks off “Paddington,” “Wedding Ringer” — and sets a record

  1. Keith says:

    Gulp. A movie that doesn’t pander to liberal thinking? We can’t have that.

  2. doombuggy says:

    Looks like Narrative exhaustion. We had Ferguson Mo. all summer and fall. Plus we’ve been barked at about Trayvon Martin for three years. Selma‘s akin to showering in the rain.

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