Oscar snubs — Gyllenhaal, Gugu, “Force Majeure,” “Lego Movie”?


Jake Gyllenhaal could have made that best actor field, and that’s a performance that merited inclusion.

I don’t disagree with Bradley Cooper’s nomination for best actor for “American Sniper.” The movie’s controversy aside, he gives a real performance in it — buried beneath the guy.

“Into the Woods” produced only one nomination of note, and the right one. Streep is stunning in it. But Marion Cotillard has become the Academy’s French Meryl Streep. They find an excuse to honor her, no matter who they leave out in the process. The Notre Dame football of the Oscars. Like her, hate that she gets all this disproportionate Oscar love.

Gugu Mbatha-Raw was the dazzling break-out star of the year. “Belle” deserved more love. The Academy didn’t find “Belle,” but found Cotillard’s lesser seen film? Mutter.

The Oscar documentary field seems, on its surface, like a joke. I see and review 75 documentaries a year. And they STILL go out and find movies that even professional film watchers have never heard of. Where’s the Ebert doc, the even better Glen Campbell one, “Jodorosky’s Dune,” where ARE they? Ugh. Back to the same old Doc committee.

The best animated film field is just plain…odd. Outsiders, no Pixar choices (appropriate, this year), and the mediocre “How to Tame Your Dragon 2.” No “Lego Movie,” no “Book of Life.” I have seen the rest, and they’re fine, but “Dragon 2” burns my cookies.

And foreign language film seems missing an important entry. “Force Majeure” is a dark, funny, and dread-filled drama about the collapse of a marriage on a family ski trip. Love that “Timbuktu” got nominated, perfectly understandable why “Ida” is in there. But the rest? Meh.

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9 Responses to Oscar snubs — Gyllenhaal, Gugu, “Force Majeure,” “Lego Movie”?

  1. Carly says:

    Grrr… The Lego Movie got snubbed. Excuse me while I go punch a hole in the wall. But maybe it’s because the last half hour of The Lego Movie pulls a Blazing Saddles and becomes a totally different movie and live action. Maybe that disqualified it? Still, I’m incensed.

  2. doombuggy says:

    There is this movie reviewer guy on the internet who promised to eat his ten gallon hat if Dallas Buyers Club didn’t get any Oscar nominations…

    The audience is waiting (!)

  3. duncebuggy says:

    What the heck? I thought Dallas… came out this past year.

    It’s those damn orderlies in this institution. If they are not taking my crayons away, they are feeding me old news.

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