Weekend Box Office: “Taken” takes off one more time, “Selma” #2, “Unbroken clears $100 million

boxofficeThe last and least of the “Taken” movies may hit $35-38 million, thanks to a big Friday and those filmgoers insufficiently warning everybody who might go Sat. or Sunday.

Poor reviews, which came late because Fox knew it wasn’t very good, didn’t hurt it.

“Selma” has weak Oscar buzz, but Oprah and its subject and quality (a good movie, not a great one) drove it to a $14 million.

“Hobbit” hos shot its quiver, as “Unbroken” finished ahead of it. “Unbroken” will be just a smidgen  over $100 million when all the money is counted after tonight’s “Golden Globes.”

“The Imitation Game” is giving Benedict Cumberbatch a certified hit and a serious Oscar push. He’s winning the Brit scientist bio pic sweepstakes, as “The Theory of Everything” has fallen out of the top ten.

“Boyhood” may get an Oscar nominations bounce, but it too is way out of the top ten.

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  1. garethrhodes says:

    Generally speaking, sequels to hot properties are critic proof. Taken 3 is hard evidence of that. It has an 11% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Clearly, it’s terrible, yet people flock for another dose of Liam Neeson ‘kicking ass’. Sigh.

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