Taylor Negron, character actor, funny guy, dies of cancer

negronTaylor Negron was  in lot of films and TV shows, most famously “Fast Times at Ridgemont High,” “The Last Boy Scout,” “Seinfeld,” “Fresh Prince” etc. He was a stand-up, and a funny, flippant fellow in person.

He died this weekend after a long battle with cancer.

He almost made a movie in Orlando, once, and I caught up with him at a pre-filming fund raising party. It was the infamous “Robodoc,” and he was going to do it, but somehow dodged that bullet.

In an Orlando Sentinel story about him and the movie, I think I referred to his feral appearance, which sort of matches the way he was typically cast. And after the story came out, he called we chatted about how funny he thought that was. A good sport about it, and those dark vulpine (a better word for him, I think) looks kept him steadily employed over the years.

Here’s a piece he wrote, reflecting on his life, death and work. That cancer is a bear, and 57 is way too young to die. RIP, Taylor N.

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  1. tomascini says:

    Always remembered him in ‘The Last Boy Scout’. RIP, sir.

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