Robin Williams: 1951-2014



I was in a screening tonight when I learned Robin Williams had taken his life. It was for “The Giver,” and the screening format was a red carpet telecast of the NYC premiere, to be followed by nationwide preview showings of the movie. “Giver” star Jeff Bridges, interviewed on the red carpet, broke the news, said “He was a fantastic cat,” and burst into tears. His “Fisher King” co-star finally gave in to the demons. Drugs, depression, decades of wrestling with stuff he never let you see when he was “on.” Which was most of the time. Met Williams a few times over the years, manic sometimes, somber others. A funny man who talked about loneliness more than was normal for somebody in his position. The last time we were to talk, it was about that Armistead Maupin adaptation, “Night Caller.” His pal Christopher Reeve died, so naturally he canceled. A tender soul. A hilarious man, a wonderful actor. But depressed. So yeah, Robin, we get it. Sad, but we get it. Rest in peace

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