Box Office: “Transformers 4” goes for-$40, huge Friday points to $100 million open

ImageThe reviews were scathing, the buzz seemed weak. But there’s a reason studios recycle titles, reboot franchises and deliver a stack of sequels every summer.

That reason is you. You keep showing up, despite all evidence and logic that suggest you shouldn’t. And “Spider-Man” gets away with a cynical cash-flow driven reboot.

The “X-Men” will not go away.

And “Transformers” can survive the loss of Shia and come back just as big with Mark Wahlberg. Maybe that’s why Shia got blitzed and went berserk on Times Square last week. He knew Hollywood goes on without him.

“Transformers 4” had a big Thursday night, and a huge Friday — $40 million, all in. That points to a $100 million+ weekend, depending on Saturday’s take (Sunday is always a steep drop off).

As I said in my review, the effects were much sharper than in the original trilogy, and adding Stanley Tucci to any movie gives it a lift.

But you will be stupider, measurably so, walking out the theater than you were walking into it.

“22 Jump Street” continues to pull in the comic cash, it’s number 2 at the box office. “Think Like a Man Too” plunged in its second weekend.

“Maleficent” just keeps earning and earning, and sticks to the top five.

“Jersey Boys” slid backwards, as well, but the fall-off was less severe. It could stick around until August as its audience gets around to finding it.

“Chef” is still in the top ten. Week in, week out new films open and open big, “Chef” just clings to the bottom of that list and is closing in on a fairly healthy $20 million. $30 seems to be where it could end up.

“Spider-Man–the latest” will clear $200 million this weekend. At last.

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  1. keith7198 says:

    I have a really hard time comparing the latest X-Men film (which i found to be quite good) to any of the Transformers brain-numbing garbage.

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