Box Office: “22 Jump Street” crushes “Dragon 2,” “Fault in Our Stars” plunges

Saturday is always the big cash-in day for a kids’ cartoon. So don’t be shocked if the middling “How to Train Your Dragon 2,” which enjoys much weaker reviews on the simple yes–or-no rating the Rottentomatoes meter measures (go to for a surer analysis of overall ratings) overtakes the equally-hyped and far superior “22 Jump Street” (made by “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” cartoon veterans) at the box office.

As it stands right now, though, “Jump Street” is poised to pull in $60 million+ by midnight Sunday. A simply HUGE Friday for the R-rated comedy sequel mocking sequel.

That’s good news. When better films make more money, that’s what Hollywood tries to duplicate and we all win.

“Dragon,” all alone in the choices for parents and kids this weekend, pretty much, is headed toward $50-53 million, based on Friday. Again, Saturday could blow up and change that. reverse the order of finish by Sunday.

 “The Fault in Our Stars” has dropped over 60% in its second weekend, suggesting it reached most of its audience with that $50 million+ opening last week.

We call that sort of swoon a “Tyler Perry Plunge.” The worst of Perry’s pictures fall off to nothing on their second weekend. And while $19 million is nothing to sneeze at (“Fault” could reach that, after earning over $50 last weekend), if that’s what the film reaches by midnight Sunday, it does look as if every teenage girl and every adult addict of YA fiction likely to take to this overpraised Disease of the Week weeper, will have seen it by then. And they’re not seeing it twice and insisting that everyone they know see it too.

Compare that to the superior “Edge of Tomorrow,” which is only losing 45% of its opening take on its second weekend. It will probably never catch up to “Stars,” but it will have longer legs and remain higher in the top ten longer.

“Blended” fell out of the top ten and is spiraling out of sight, kind of a sign that Adam Sandler is over and out.

“Chef” is sticking in the top ten and will be close to $14 million by Monday AM.

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