Next Interview: Questions for Elijah Wood?

ImageThe once and forever hobbit Frodo Elijah Wood has had a pretty interesting career post-Middle Earth. Not that a lot of people have noticed.

He was terrific in a small role in “Sin City,” was perfect in “Everything is Illuminated,” starred in a lot of interesting films that no one saw — from “The Romantics” and “The Oxford Murders” to “Maniac.” He had a couple of TV series, including that one where he interacted with a dog that only he could see was a man dressed up in a dog suit — “Wilfred.”

In “Grand Piano,” he’s a concert pianist forced to play an “unplayable” piece, in front of an audience, and play it perfectly or a sniper will off him and his movie star wife in the theater in front of everybody. It opens in a couple of weeks.

Questions for Mr. Wood? Comment below, and thanks for the help.


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  1. MiniBooger says:

    Elijah, you will always be my favorite hobbit, (I’m sorry, but it is what it is). I did see your disturbing character in Sin City, but regretfully, not in any of the other roles mentioned in this article. Grand Piano looks quite interesting so I will keep my eye out for that one! My question for you is, what motivates you to pick these obscure roles to play knowing that the general populace will likely not see them?

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