Box Office: Will “Robocop” shoot it out with Kevin Hart?

legoEverybody expects “The Lego Movie” to do another blockbuster weekend this President’s Day.” Another $39 million, Box Office Mojo figures.

Everything is STILL awesome.

No way “Robocop” or “About Last Night…” top that, right?

“Robocop” will be lucky to have cleared $25 by midnight Sunday. And it opened (meekly) on Wed.

“About Last Night…” should cash in on Kevin Hart mania. I’d like to see Regina Hall, his foil in this remake, score some career traction after the film. She more than holds her own with the mouthy Mr. Hart. It opened later Thursday, and unless weather beats down its expectations, it could be in the mid $30s by Sunday night, according to BO Mojo. Box Office Guru is lowballing the little man, figuring he’s only got $24 million in appeal. I don’t see that, but Guru is taking into account the low screen count (2,000) so he may be right.

“Endless Love” is looking at $14 million, if teenage girls still have a thing for Alex Pettyfer. And they may. Any less and it’s a big old bomb.

“Winter’s Tale,” based on a 30 year old novel, starring Colin Farrell, Russell Crowe, the first girl to die on “Downton Abbey” and Jennifer Connelly, will be lucky to do $10 million. Terrible reviews are going to kill that one.

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