Valentine’s Day new movies — “Last Night’s” a winner, “Endless” isn’t and “Winter’s” frigid

ImageYour best bet for a date movie this Valentine’s Day, or this whole weekend — if you HAVEN’T seen “Her” — is the spirited if somewhat sexually muted remake of “About Last Night…” Not as romantic as the Rob Lowe/Demi Moore original, with less explicit sex scenes. Michael Ealy and Joy Bryant don’t have the chemistry to pull that off, which is why the movie plays heavy on the comic supporting cast. Kevin Hart and Regina Hall are even funnier than Jim Belushi and Elizabeth Perkins were in the original. Most critics agree, it’s a winner — Hart’s best movie in years.

Get your tickets now.

“Endless Love” has had its drama and some of its romantic yearning stripped from it in a remake from the director of “Country Strong.” Yeah, not the best choice to get behind the camera, and the script is a serious bastardization of the edgier novel. That said, it works some of the time, as a simpler teen romance where HER parents don’t approve. VERY good cast, everybody in it deserves a better film — Joely Richardson, Bruce Greenwood and Robert Patrick, the parents of the two kids, are outstanding. Weak reviews, overall, for this one.

“Winter’s Tale” was a labor of love and grief for Oscar winning screenwriter (and sometime director) Akiva Goldsman, as he told me when I interviewed him. The movie is a generally unsatisfying mess — touching moments, a few lovely touches. But magical realism in that “House of the Spirits” sense rarely succeeds on the screen. Terrible reviews for this one, humbling reviews.

If “Adult World” opens in your neck of the woods and you’re a John Cusack fan, catch it. Mildly romantic, smart, sassy, decent performances by JC as an aging hipster poet and cynic and by Emma Roberts who longs to study at his feet. She has little chemistry with her love interest in the film, who happens to be her off camera love interest. Middling reviews overall, but it works.

And “Robocop”? Not exactly a “date movie,” not a Valentine’s Day weekend movie — counter programming? Maybe.

Mystified how that got any critic to endorse it. But this humorless, mostly heartless (one touching scene) remake of Paul Verhoeven’s satire of America, violence, media and technology is sitting with just under half America’s listed critics giving it a thumb’s up. The lesser half. I was bored to sleep.

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