Box Office: Will “Lone Survivor” gun down “Hercules”?

herculesAlmost certainly.

Well, almost.

Decent (not rapturous) reviews for “Lone Survivor,” which opened in a couple of markets over Christmas, should help Mark Wahlberg climb back up that January mountain (he’s had a movie in January every year since “Contraband” blew up for him a couple of years ago).

“The Legend of Hercules,” which aims to be the “Olympus has Fallen” to Brett Ratner’s summer release, “Hercules” (in theaters first, stealing the thunder), was hidden from critics and has been roundly trounced in reviews. A true “January” movie.

Box Office Mojo says this “Legend” won’t do more than $8 million. Zero awareness for it, in other words. Weak cast, little advertising. They’re abandoning it.

But “Lone Survivor”? That should win the weekend — $23 million plus, says Mojo. That seems optimistic. The picture has zero date movie appeal.

The Hollywood Reporter figures it’ll do $19 or so.

The Box Office Guru thinks $15-16 is in line.

EVERYBODY says “The Legend of Hercules” is only headed toward $8 million this weekend.

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