Box Office: “Frozen” opens big, “Catching Fire” still hotter


A $23 million Wed. means that “Catching Fire” has plenty of fuel for a second weekend at the box office.

But Disney’s “Frozen” looks to bring in the kids and families by the droves. A $17 million Wed. points to a huge holiday weekend for that one. As big as “Tangled”? Maybe not. $60-70 million.

Box Office Mojo says “Black Nativity” could manage $19 million over five days. And “Homefront” will add up to $13-15.

Box Office Guru is leaning towards lower numbers for all  three — “Frozen,” which is getting good audience response scores, $65 by Sunday night, “Homefront” under $10 and “Black Nativity” around $13. Not learned anything from “Best Man Holiday,” I see.

Spike Lee’s take on “Oldboy” is opening on under 600 screens. Bad reviews or no, it is predicted to manage $4 million this weekend.

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