Movie Preview: “Avatar 2: The Way of Water”

Yes, we’re finally getting those “Avatar” sequels James Cameron was coerced, bribed and arm twisted into creating and releasing.

Disney/20th Century is attaching these to the “Doctor Strange” sequel and asked critics to come to tonight’s “Multiverse of Madness” preview extra early so they could show this off as well.

This is the only theatrical preview of the “Avatar” teaser for critics in Florida. So we’re special, seeing it in Orlando’s finest multiplex, Regal’s Winter Park location.

I’m seeing it in 3D. I’ll update this if it makes my eyes pop out of my head. Damned impressive 3D, and it’s a lot longer than the teaser of the teaser posted below.

The trailer doesn’t give away much, just reminds us what Sam Worthington’s voice sounds like and what the animated versions of him and Zoe Saldana look like. “Family” and pregnancy and more conflict with the off world Earth-born exploiters.

If you want to make a movie feel like a movie “event” again, put it in a theater in 3D, I tell you what.

It’s “Avatar” all right. The movie demands to be seen in a cinema, the bigger the screen the better. The teaser? Get to “Strange” early enough to check it out.

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2 Responses to Movie Preview: “Avatar 2: The Way of Water”

  1. Aidan says:

    Read one of your other articles and realized how uneducated you are on cinema. This article proves it seeing as you reacted to a fan-made trailer comprised of reused clips lmao

    • Roger Moore says:

      Popping off without even READING the piece makes you a poster boy for “Ignorant Asshat,” Aidan. It’s a review of the official trailer which as I said drops in front of the “Doctor Strange,” sequel, and is probably now on line which it wasn’t at the time I wrote this. And no, what I posted there was not “fan made,” you uninformed mouthy dumbass.

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